Alphagrip Keyboard Vs Qwerty Keyboard


Keyboards are input devices by and large used with computers, typewriters etc. which help to provide inputs by pressing the buttons in them. Keyboard of first model was constructed by Sholes which almost looked like a piano having two rows of characters arranged in alphabetical order. It has certain limitations. As the characters are mounted on metal arms, when two successive arms are pressed in rapid succession or at the same time, they get jammed. After seeing the upshot, to avoid this jamming, commonly used letter-pairs are placed away from each other rather than in succession. And this type of keyboard is termed as QWERTY keyboard. It is mainly devised to avoid jamming and increasing the typing speed.

QWERTY is the highly prevalent and rife keyboard layout used in computers and typewriters in large numbers. The leftmost first six alphabetical characters stand there to name this layout. It still remains in use in various electronic keyboards mainly due to the pervasive nature of the standard keyboard layout and due to the failure of the alternatives with no worth mentioning advantages.

Alphagrip is a computer keyboard as well as game controller that can be hand-held and is an alternative to time-honoured keyboard layouts. The reach of this keyboard is really appreciable. Nearly all the characters have their own correspondence with the keys which means that they are generated by providing single stroke to the switch buttons like the wonted keyboards. In addition to this, a two button mouse is integrated into the device.

QWERTY keyboard was introduced in 1980s but still, it subsists as the principal Computer Human Interface. Since it was designed a century before, people find challenges with this CHI design. Most of the users are not aware of optimal typing using QWERTY layouts; they need to look at the characters as well as the screen for correct perception. Even though many new layouts are more efficient and convenient than this layout, it still lingers as the global computer human interface because of its first-rate standard. As it is well established and keeps going for several years, it takes time for the spanking keyboard layouts to reinstate the older one. The alpha-grip keyboard is more beneficial over traditional QWERTY keyboards.

Alphagrip keyboard can be had on your palms which helps the user to type from any position which makes him more comfortable, which is not possible in case of desk-bound QWERTY keyboards. The simultaneous action of pressing two keys to have the hoped effect is called chording, which is not necessary in alphagrip keyboards but, needed in QWERTY keyboards. In the traditional ones, key locking is seen which is not present in case of the alphagrip keyboards.

QWERTY layout’s text-entry standard is completely archaic. Alphagrip assures instinctive and fast typing when compared to QWERTY keyboards. It always aspires to encourage and to perk up typing. The liberty to move with the keyboard and its style make it more eye-catching. The alphagrip promotes portability, trouble-free typing to write mails, letters and other things nearly two to three times faster than the QWERTY keyboards, cell phone keypads etc.

Alphagrip keyboard includes various features like device and OS agonistic, organic 3D design, vertical hand orientation, presence of track balls, double-handed text entry, eight multidirectional buttons on the back, mapping of the keys in front, no chording facility, no clasping aid, coloured shift keys, mode switching keys to alter the functionalities, programmable keys etc. In brief, alphagrip keyboard is more efficient than the QWERTY keyboard in various aspects like comfortable typing, portability, lack of chording, lack of locking etc. but the thing is QWERTY keyboards are well-established and wide spread, so it takes time for alphagrip keyboards to replace the more previous ones.

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