Most In all probability the Craziest Laptop computer until Day

At past the Asus ROG GX800 delivers to avid gamers true desktop amount functionality with a gaming notebook. Due to the fact gaming laptops create a large amount of heat, this distinctive gaming device is liquid-cooled to a considerable extent.

Asus ROG GX800 Layout and Functions

The Asus GX800 is a pioneer in the feeling that it is the 1st laptop to enter the marketplace showcasing an extraordinary 18.4″ 4K screen that is effectively strengthened with the most up-to-date G-Sync exhibit know-how from Nvidia. In short, it appears like the GX800 is out to turn into the effective most gaming laptop computer in the world.

Liquid Cooling

The Asus GX800 also will come with a detachable liquid-cooling resolution as properly as supplies loads of frame improve, really should you want to just take benefit of all these features. Asus’ Thermo Hydro Clocking lets the full method tap the electricity of its Nvidia GTX 980 to its fullest extent to arrive at 1,428MHz frequency devoid of ever overheating. Going even further than this, the liquid-cooling process lets the other pieces of the GX800 achieve its ideal likely. Thus the mighty processor is capable to get clocked up to a whopping 4.4GHz with the memory maxing out at 2,800MHz.

The New Keyboard

A further additional function of this gaming equipment is that it comes with an completely new mechanical keyboard, that Asus created correct from the essentials by implies of their patented MechTAG switches, as very well as a complete series of RGB LED lights duly embedded. This provides it a mechanical sense. It is in impact a new multicolored keyboard that lets you tweak and customise the keyboard backlight, on a key by essential foundation. It is also equipped with an anti-ghosting technology in order to protect against your keystrokes from slipping alongside the cracks although you are accomplishing multi-important instructions. Given that it is an totally new form of keyboard, the MechTAG keyboard or the Mechanical Tactile Innovative Gaming keyboard is being wonderful tuned by Asus to make it excellent in every single way.

Actually, the Asus ROG GX700 is an sophisticated and current variation of its predecessor the GX800.This notebook which is thought of the finest gaming equipment ever comes with a twin-GPU jointly with a strong unlocked Intel processor. The machine has manufactured even bigger and improved variations inside with a number of components upgrades. The GX800 is previously exceptionally powerful with its desktop-quality Nvidia GTX 980. As if this is not sufficient, Asus introduces a next GPU with each other with Intel Main i7 K processors. This 2nd GPU in essence renders 2 x graphical general performance as when compared to its predecessor the GX700.

Of program, the Asus ROG GX800 with all its electric power guzzling, works by using up a lot of power way too. In reality this gaming notebook necessitates two 330 watt energy supplies, thus applying up about the exact same total of strength as any mid-variety Computer desktop.


The Asus ROG GX800 gaming notebook with its liquid cooled design and style, innovative circuitry, highly effective processor and 4K display force the gaming degrees to hitherto unreached heights by any moveable gaming device.

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