Cisco CCNA / CCNP Certification Exam: Cabling Your Dwelling Lab


A lot more CCNA and CCNP candidates than at any time before are putting alongside one another their have house labs, and you will find no better way to study about Cisco technologies than doing the job with the serious matter. Getting the routers and switches is just component of putting with each other a excellent CCNA / CCNP property lab, though. You have obtained to get the suitable cables to join the devices, and this is an critical aspect of your education and learning as nicely. After all, with no the correct cables, customer networks are heading to have a really hard time doing the job!

For your Cisco property lab, just one significant cable is the DTE/DCE cable. These cables have two key utilizes in a residence lab. To exercise immediately connecting Cisco routers by means of Serial interfaces (an essential CCNA skill), you’ll will need to link them with a DTE/DCE cable. Next, if you strategy on owning a Cisco router act as a body relay change in your lab, you may require various DTE/DCE cables to do so. (Stop by my website’s Household Lab Enable area for a sample Frame Relay swap configuration.)

If you have a number of switches in your lab, that’s great, because you can be equipped to get a great deal of spanning tree protocol (STP) operate in as effectively as developing Etherchannels. To link your switches, you can expect to need to have crossover cables.

You can want some straight-through cables as properly to join your routers to the switches.

Eventually, if you are fortunate plenty of to have an obtain server as part of your lab, you can expect to need to have an octal cable to link your AS to the other routers and switches in your lab. The octal cable has one particular significant connector on a single conclusion and 8 numbered RJ-45 connectors on the other end. The big connector should really be connected to the async port on your AS, and the numbered RJ-45 connectors will be related to the console ports on your other routers and switches.

Picking and connecting the correct cables for your Cisco CCNA / CCNP home lab is a good finding out knowledge, and it truly is also an crucial section of your Cisco education. Right after all, all wonderful networks and property labs all begin at Layer One of the OSI design!

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