Do Free Spyware Programs Really Work?

Have you ever been infected by spyware? Once you have it, you definitely need a program to get rid of it, and if you have never had it, you should consider getting a program that will help protect you. So my question then, is:

Are Free Spyware Programs Worth The Trouble?

Or should you just purchase an actual program instead? You see, I am the kind of person that is happy to pay $50 for something that will work, but if I can get the same thing for free, I’ll definitely do it. But the catch is that the program has to be able to do its job!

Spyware is a constant problem that most people have heard about but they do not really understand. If you do not understand Spyware then you have a problem because you probably have Spyware on your computer. Spyware is sometimes installed on your machine when you download free software, such as file-sharing applications and games. However, you don’t even need to download anything to get spyware: some spyware is installed on your machine just by visiting certain Web sites. Spyware is a breach of privacy because users are usually unaware that spyware packages have been installed, or that their private data is being intercepted by a third party. Spyware programs can collect personal information, redirect Web browsing and divert advertising revenue to the attackers.

So when people realize they have it, and need a program to fix things, they often turn to see if anything free is available.

I have tried a few of the top free programs, and I have to tell you that they stink! Seriously, spyware is a serious issue, and you should not rely on a program that you can get for free to fix your problem. Often times, these free programs are actually spyware programs themselves!