Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

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This week, we kick off the most insightful facet of matters with a comment from That One particular Person on my article about how I however hope Twitter succeeds, where by the remark highlights the major one point that may possibly get Elon to quit from burning the website to the ground: acquiring earlier his possess ego.

Phase 1: Comprehend and confess when YOU are the difficulty

From the appears of it when it may possibly not be unachievable to quit the website from burning down the first step of that will call for Musk to acknowledge that he screwed up and that all the derision aimed at moderators and people that have that as their task was grossly unfair since it turns out people men and women actually did/do know what they were being conversing about.

If he can established aside his ego and confess that he was dead incorrect about moderation then it might be feasible to salvage the website, though it is going to be a seriously uphill fight convincing the people who have been canned or left to come back and it’s likely to get a lot of Really Good People indignant with him.

If he can’t set apart his ego… break out the hotdogs and smores kits due to the fact the area is likely to go down in flames and there is not significantly else any one else can do at that stage but enjoy the spectacle.

2nd location was an nameless remark on that exact put up, in response to a remark from our resident Trump supporter, who tried to mock the stories of chaos at Twitter by noting that he remembered “similar ‘chaos and dysfunction’ adjectives getting utilised 4 a long time ago to describe the White Residence.” And the comment that won second position noted there may well have been a pretty good purpose for that:

And rightfully so.

The Trump White Dwelling was utter chaos for his total stint in office.

And even out of office it is chaos… To wit: his handling of sensitive files, files that belong to NARA, and be sure to clarify why he would have categorised folders missing the paperwork that are truly categorised.

(and if you say that he intellect-declassified them, that just proves that you have eaten the kool-assist, are sporting the tin-foil hat and in all probability have Q tattooed on your ass.
Oh and you are addicted to the Trump taint odor.)

Not shockingly, the commenter he was responding to ran away and did not appear back to reply.

For editor’s selection, I have a different anonymous remark on that very same article speaking about “good Elon” vs. “bad Elon.”

Elon is staying “Good Elon” and “Bad Elon” (a basic abuser pattern) and it is likely to bankrupt twitter in 2023. The advertisers who paid out the costs are not coming back again until Elon fires himself. Elon has no thought how isolated he is in his sycophant bubble he proceeded to block the most significant spokesman for his advertisers who pay twitter’s costs.

What was completely wrong with pre-Elon twitter was insufficiently loaded suggestions from the crowd for productive moderation. That is, don’t forget the mDAU audits in which they went through samples with humans to figure out if users ended up correctly categorised as monetizable, and ended up working about 95% precise?

You could classify consumers opinions for precision the exact way…so you’d usually have not only experiences, but also track record scores for those undertaking the reporting. And you could absolutely have a lot more nuance (checkboxes) in the person reporting checkboxes. They possibly could have performed that very last year…if not for Elon.

And our next editor’s preference remark on the insightful aspect is also about Musk and Twitter, but on a diverse story, exactly where Musk abruptly resolved that parody was no extended authorized on Twitter. This comment, by Christenson, was responding to an nameless remark suggesting that Twitter’s previous management had sabotaged the organization for Musk due to the fact they hadn’t secured 2023 advertising commitments before this 12 months at an advertisement meeting where those commitments are generally manufactured. Christenson details out which is not accurate:

Gotta disagree with you there — Twitter’s 2021 financial figures were being Public ($10B earnings from promotion, dropped like $500M on that, with $800M due to a lawsuit settlement around share price volatility). Particularly with the consumer advancement, they stood to possibly make about $250M in 2022.

As to the advertising and marketing meeting, perfectly, the deficiency of responses on moderation very last summer months has turned into chaos right after the offer closed — and that is on Musk, he claimed pretty publicly he required to transform how twitter was moderated, but gave twitter no details when queried. Advertisers very last week questioned Musk how he reconciled “no changes to moderation” with the substantial workers cuts in the confront of model protection, and Musk proceeds to block the leader of the promoting conference who questioned.

Twitter administration did what it was supposed to do … bought the business for $44B, about two times a acceptable rate. Incapacity to forecast Musk seriously wasn’t aspect of their position this continual 180 turning from Musk is quite a great deal the pattern of a narcissist and an abuser, probably even a psychopath.

In any case, since they now have to fork out an added billion or two of debt service, and they’ve kneecapped their ad revenue with no way to get well without having firing the chief twit, personal bankruptcy is on its way. This even if they uncover the best moderation algorithm at any time and roll it out tomorrow, perfectly.

Ok, but what was funny previous week? Turns out… it’s some extra things about Elon Musk and Twitter! Thad took the first place for the funniest comment by a lot responding to rojcowles remark on the write-up about how Twitter under Musk may possibly be violating the FTC’s consent decree by suggesting a new Elon meme based mostly on an alleged estimate from Musk’s personalized lawyer, Alex Spira, that “Elon places rockets into house, he not concerned of the FTC.” Thad jumped in with the winner:

Elon places rockets into house, he ain’t worried of no ghosts.

In some ways, what is even funnier is that afterwards in the week, after that story and that remark arrived out, it was documented that Elon actually was beneficial that Twitter need to have “ghost employees” on the reserve, and demanded an audit that Twitter staff members have been authentic human beings (and then fired the auditor!). So it’s possible he is worried of some ghosts.

In second area on the amusing side, we’re nonetheless swimming in Musky waters, as Chris O’Donnell confirmed up to react to a remark from Diogenes on the story about Twitter’s challenges rolling out its new bluecheck program, that discussed his banning men and women for parody. Diogenes notes that “Musk bans parody, but he IS a parody,” major to this retort from Chris:

Probably he did not want the competitors.

For editor’s preference we had a ton of fairly funny feedback to pick out from, but we’ll get started with a remark from ThatOtherOtherGuy on the put up about Twitter and the FTC consent decree, in which there were reviews that Twitter was equally desperately seeking to seek the services of back again some of the people and telling engineers they essential to “self-certify” that what they ended up doing did not violate the consent decree (which is not at all how it operates), the remark speculated how that all went down:

Make sure you occur again!

Welcome back again to Twitter! BTW, you should sign this document. What is it? Oh, hardly ever thoughts, just some regime paperwork. Certainly almost nothing that would expose you to criminal prosecution.

Aaaaaaaand, last but not least, we experienced a comment from… wait… [checks notes]… “Mike Masnick (confirmed)”… uh…. announcing a manufacturer new Techdirt element that I certainly was not conscious of:

New Techdirt Capabilities Announcement

Just want to give all people a heads up, Techdirt will quickly be introducing an ‘Official Techdirt Icon’ on these commenters that obtain funniest / most insightful comment of the 7 days more than 2 moments in a calendar year (icon can also be bought for $8 / month through my patreon)

I guess because that arrived from a “verified” account it ought to be real. I assume it to be dwell in just a 7 days or we’ll fire the group implementing it.

That’s all for this 7 days!

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