All image tubes, irrespective of whether monochrome or colour style are discovered by a specific code consisting of numbers and letters. The codes are distinctive from each individual other due to the fact diverse tubes have diverse properties.

For illustration, a specified keep an eye on color picture tube could have the designation, M34AFA63X03 that can breakdown into 6 pieces: M/34/AFA/63/X/03

Part 1: Application

Pc observe tubes start out with the letter “M” whilst for a Television picture tube, it start off with “A”.

Part 2: Display screen diagonal measure in centimeters (cm)

The “34” implies the diagonal viewing evaluate is a minimum of 34cm which refers to 14″ tube, 36cm is 15″, 41cm is 17″ and so on.

Element 3: Household code

The 3 letters “AFA” designate a family of tubes that have very similar physical and electrical attribute. These letters are assigned alphabetically beginning with “AAA”, adopted by “AAB”, “AAC” and so forth.

Part 4: Family selection

The selection 63 demonstrates a unique tube within just the family code. A diverse number is assigned to tubes within the very same family that have distinctive neck diameters, for instance a single digit would be a monochrome tube, but this two-digit amount displays it is color.

Section 5: Phosphor Sort

The fifth image presents the phosphor designation. The letter X right here corresponds to P22 for color picture tubes. Color watch tubes can have any other single letter (excluding I, O, or W) to designate other phosphor kind for several apps. For monochrome photos, the phosphor symbol is WW, corresponding to P4. Monochrome keep an eye on tubes also can use WW or some other two-letter blend (excluding I and O).

Section 6: Integral neck elements

The sixth image is assigned only for tubes owning integral neck parts, these as the deflection yoke. The specs are only apply to a unique tube manufacturer. The key consideration below is winding inductance. The yoke coils have distinct sensitivity i.e. deflection for every Amp in the two horizontal and vertical.

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