A Silicon Republic podcast with The HeadStuff Podcast Network

A Silicon Republic podcast with The HeadStuff Podcast Network

Get ready for an all-new podcast from Silicon Republic casting a critical eye on technology and speaking to experts across Ireland.

Silicon Republic has teamed up with The HeadStuff Podcast Network to bring you a podcast examining the good, the bad and the in-between parts of technology.

For Tech’s Sake launches in October, blasting off with a focus on space-tech. This first episode explores the tech it takes to see the stars, and asks why it matters. The podcast also takes a look into deep space with two Irish scientists who worked on the James Webb Space Telescope, Prof Tom Ray and Dr Patrick Kavanagh.

Throughout the series, For Tech’s Sake hosts Elaine Burke and Jenny Darmody will question tech’s uses and abuses, looking under the hood of both everyday and emerging technologies with a critical eye.

“Some technologists would like you to believe that tech is going to save us all. Others want to warn you to think that it’s going to ruin our lives,” said Burke, editor of Silicon Republic. “The reality is a spectrum between those extremes, and we hope to give people a prism through which they can see that and make up their own minds.”

Throughout the series, For Tech’s Sake will take on some of tech’s hottest topics, from digital transformation and sentient AI, to health-tech and even tech-facilitated abuse.

“We take a side-eye view of tech, not evangelising or demonising it, but definitely throwing a bit of shade when it’s deserved,” said Darmody, deputy editor at Silicon Republic.

If you’ve ever wondered if tech is being used to spy on you, what makes a Fitbit tick, or why billionaires are so keen to be shot into space, this is the podcast for you.

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