Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flat Panel Computer Monitors


Cathode Ray Tube or CRT monitors are being replaced by the new Liquid Crystal Display or LCD monitors. The LCD monitors are also commonly referred to as flat panel computer monitors because of their appearance. Although LCD monitors have been in the market since about 1972, it has only now become very popular because of the drop in price and portability.

A quality monitor can enhance the interaction with the computer because of the available technology producing high quality digital images. Having built-in web cams makes communicating with family and friends a very pleasant experience. Being able to see who you are talking to makes the interaction even more enjoyable. Video games have become very popular and monitors with the new 3D technology are great for using gaming software.

The flat panel monitor is stylish, space-saving and has low power requirements. With the advances in technology it has a better picture quality, gives maximum image size in the minimal space and is now very affordable. The monitors come in a variety of sizes, ranging from fourteen inches to thirty inches, to suit every requirement. Being lighter in weight than its predecessor, the CRT monitor, it is easily portable.

The smaller size monitors are ideal for normal daily tasks in a home. The larger sizes are designed to deliver clear displays to improve the entertainment and gaming experience. Therefore, there is a size that fits the need and budget of all users.

One of the main disadvantages of a LCD monitor is the soft surface which can be more easily damaged and is difficult to clean. This means that it may not be suitable for a location, such as a school, where the computer is accessed by children. Another is that even though the prices have come down significantly, they are still more expensive than the CRT monitors. LCD monitors are also considered a high security risk because being light-weight, easily portable and expensive they make a very attractive target for thieves.

When choosing a LCD computer monitor it is important to do the research. With the number of different sizes and features available choosing the right product for the purpose can save money. It is no use buying an expensive monitor packed full of features if they are not going to be fully utilized.

There are over fifty different manufacturers in the market including all the majors all the major electronics companies who produce flat panel computer monitors and there is bound to be one that suits every persons need and budget.

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