Commerce refers to all the pursuits surrounding the obtain or sale of merchandise or solutions. As we step into the future century, the pattern towards more compact and quicker units, coupled with the need for info access on the go.

Cell computing claims to convey unpredictable modify in the society. Spanning the full globe, crossing all boundaries.

Cell commerce is the application of interaction and facts sharing technologies between trading associates to the small business targets. Usually means cellular commerce is linked with cell cellular phone and communication network.

Mobile commerce is a new way of conducting controlling and executing company transactions applying cell and interaction community.

Strengths of Mobile Commerce:

The raising usage of cellular has offered use to application like shopping by means of mobile, mobile banking etc. where persons can invest in everything on line. Customers do not have to hold out in lines, and this delivers a lower headache atmosphere.

Objectives of The Study:

1. Intent of the study is to transfer remaining account to the cellular machine, so that enterprise owner can access it any in which at any time.
2. Stop consumer can not change the content material of report.
3. Stop buyers just click on the icon, and watch the last account.


In this paper suitable literature, information and info have been used from the released guides, cellular discussion board web pages and journals like PCQuest, Developer IQ, Laptop These days and so forth.

Remaining Accounts:

Closing Accounts is 1 of the most vital subjects, simply because it incorporates Trading Account, Profit & Loss Accounts and Equilibrium Sheet. This Last Accounts will create just after the preparation of the Trial Harmony.

Investing Account demonstrates the Gross Financial gain or Gross Reduction.

Financial gain & Reduction displays the Internet Gain or Net Decline.

Stability Sheet demonstrates the economic situation of the organization.

Software package Prerequisite for Develop this Software:



There is 5 significant mobile mobile phone platforms out there nowadays, these as Symbian, Windows CE mobile, BREW, WAP and J2ME. Based on the problem to be solved and assets, a individual system might needed.

J2ME permits Java programs to operate on smaller, resource constrained computing devices. It is not a new language, fairly it adapts present Java know-how for handheld and embedded products.

J2ME is meant for Java programmers creating applications for gadgets with restricted memory means and processor electricity, such as cell mobile phone, Personalized Details Assistants (PDA) and so on.

Body Function for Acquire this Application:

Very first we make the closing account in accounting offer (Tally). Than export the details from accounting deal to ‘Txt’ structure and than preserve it.

Copy ‘Txt’ file into SDCard or Memory Card of the cell gadget.

Develop the method in J2ME for reading the textual content data from the file.

When we run this application in cell, it will automatically go through the ultimate account details from the ‘Txt’ file.

Application Growth (Code):



FileConnection fc=(FileConnection) up(file://localhost/root1/information.txt)
InputStream is=fc.openInputStream()
Byte b[]=new byte[1024]
Process.out.println(“content is”+new String(b,,duration)

Catch(Exception e)


This deal has some limitation, like
1. We copy the ‘Txt’ knowledge to the SDCard or Memory of the cellular gadget.
2. We can not access via the GPRS (Typical Packet Radio Switching)

These explanations inspire the want for a new established of application.


Now a day the common way of creating final account is giving way to the accounting software program deals. With the large unfold of technological innovation this transformation is inevitable. It is evident that transferring the details more than the cellular product is upcoming of trade mechanism. It will surely condense numerous of the prevailing inconveniences.