Mind Power Subconscious Programming and Money


If you never have enough money no matter what you do, your subconscious is programmed to keep you in a state of not having money. Our subconscious programming affects every decision we make, and every action we take. Two people can start off in exactly the same circumstances, with exactly the same amount of money, and come out with completely different results according to the choices they make, their attitude and their behavior. And it’s each person’s subconscious programming that colors those choices. No matter what the “real life” physical reasons appear to be, if you are always struggling financially, there is a core belief programmed into your subconscious that is running on automatic and keeping you skint.

Mind Power Subconscious Programming – is it really about the money?

There is no way to tell for sure what the originating belief is that causes a particular symptom. The subconscious is not logical or reasonable. It doesn’t have to make sense. Phobias are an example of this – I used to be terrified – I mean really terrified – of… wait for it… moths. Moths! How much damage can a moth do? But, when I saw a moth my body would react as if it was in danger. The reaction was automatic. Increased heart rate, sweaty palms, adrenaline – the lot. And no amount of “It won’t hurt you!” could get rid of that reaction. Somewhere in my history, without anyone being aware of it, my subconscious made a connection between “moth” and danger. Completely illogical, but very powerful.

So, a lack of money doesn’t necessarily stem from a belief regarding money. It could come from low self esteem, beliefs of not being good enough, being undeserving; it could come from a fear of being taken advantage of, or a fear of judgment… or any combination of an infinite number of possibilities. And again, it doesn’t have to make logical sense. You could say: “But I’m not scared of judgment or being taken advantage of!” – and you may be right as far as your conscious mind is concerned. But who knows what obscure connections your subconscious has made!

Mind Power Subconscious Reprogramming for Money

Many people, when they try to reprogram their subconscious to change financial patterns, approach the process with the assumption that the cause is a belief regarding money, for example: “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “There’s not enough to go around” or “Money is the root of all evil”. And so they try to reprogram the subconscious with messages that are the opposite of these. And in some cases, they’re right – the core belief is indeed to do with money, and in those cases this method often works. However, in my experience, lack of money (the symptom) is almost always a result of low self esteem. If you think about it, if you had high self esteem and high self worth, why wouldn’t you automatically make choices that provide you with enough of what you need in every area of your life?

My advice is to start with addressing self esteem and self worth. If that is indeed the cause, you’ll get better results by reprogramming those subconscious beliefs than trying to change the symptoms. By improving the core beliefs about your self, you’ll experience an automatic improvement in your finances. Just like if you plant a different seed, you’ll automatically see a different plant grow above the ground.:)

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