Passing a 1G Welding Certification Exam – The Best Welding Check Or is 3G Vertical A lot easier?


Welding Certification checks are numbered by situation and joint type. For instance a 1 G indicates a flat place groove weld. The 1 implies flat situation, and the G indicates a groove weld.

I saw a movie the other working day that marketed a  cellular welding lab that was applied to educate and certify welders. 

A number of college students as nicely as the instructor have been  interviewed and explained the 8 weeks of welding coaching  that led up to welding certification exams in the 1G situation.


Which is correct, 8 months of welding teaching for each process to be in a position to certify in a 1 G weld test.

I never get it. After 8 months of training in a welding course of action, why cannot the welder pass some other positions like 3G and 4G welding tests? 

Did you know that a 3G plate take a look at blended with a 4G plate exam certifies a welder in ALL positions?

That’s all positions. Like 1G , 2G, 3G, and 4G. as perfectly as every single place of fillet welds conceivable also.

A 1G welding take a look at certifies a welder to weld in how many positions? A single ! which is it …just one particular.

You get a lot far more bang for your buck by instruction welders to certify in both of those the 3G and 4G positions.

Another situation is that 1G welding assessments typically don’t have very superior go fees.

You know why?

Gravity. That’s correct., gravity is operating from you and not for you. Gravity allows the slag flow forward of the arc on a 1G welding take a look at and if you are not careful, it can cause cold lap and slag inclusions.

Gravity performs For you and not against you on a 3G vertical plate welding exam. 

Gravity retains the flux powering the arc. The arc is then permitted to do its thing and penetrate into the base steel. As prolonged as you manage sufficient amperage and a tight arc, issues will go well on a 3G vertical plate check.

The AWS (American Welding Modern society) classifies the 1G posture welding check as the least difficult.

I disagree with that when it comes to beveled groove welds.

I think 2G horizontal and 3G vertical welding certification exams have much better pass costs when it will come to a bend test or x ray screening.

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