Pipe Welding Certification Tests – UA Welding Tests


The United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA) identifies their typical pipe welding tests with the letters UA, a sprint, and then a amount. Like UA-1, UA-2, etc.

There is a checklist offered that goes all the way to UA-92. That does not signify there are only 92 assessments at any time presented. There are several far more choices but the Pipe fitters Union (UA) had to go all the way to # 92 to recognize the most frequent pipe assessments. Nevertheless, this does provide as variety of an case in point to how numerous possibilities exist for pipe welding certification checks.

With 4 diverse welding procedures utilised for pipe welding (Gas Metal Arc / GMAW, Flux Main Arc / FCAW, Shielded Metallic Arc / SMAW, and Gasoline Tungsten Arc / GTAW) and quite a few distinct metallic groups getting welded (like carbon metal, stainless metal, and even aluminum), its no ponder so several diverse pipe welding certification assessments are expected to certify welders for the scope of function remaining performed on a career or occupation web site.

ASME Part IX is a generally referred to doc in pipe welding applied to decide welder certification requirements as perfectly as qualification limits.

Some of the common constraints are thickness, place, and diameter of pipe.

For case in point a welder passing a tig welding certification examination on 2 inch timetable 80 pipe in a 6G place is qualified to weld 1 inch and increased diameter pipe, up to 436″ thick and in all positions.

But a welder passing a examination on 6″ plan 40 in a 6G situation is capable to weld in all positions but only up to.560″ thick and only down to 2.875″ pipe diameter.

If you are examining this and are speculate what rectal databases they pulled these numbers from, I am with you on that. Its looks type of foolish that when you have.560″ of filler metal deposited, that you are not competent to put far more.

I am just saying.

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