Troubleshooting Tips For Problems With Desktop Monitor Or Laptop Screen


Are you using a Dell desktop or laptop and facing problem with the display? If the answer is yes, this is the article for you. Here you will get all the troubleshooting tips to resolve problems with desktop monitor or laptop screen. You can also consult a PC repair company for Dell Support.

Is the screen, icon, or font size too small or too big? Let’s have a look at how to fix the issue. First, close all open programs and then click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Adjust screen resolution in the Control Panel window, under Appearance and Personalization. Click the resolution drop down. Next click and drag the vertical slider control for changing the screen resolution, and then click Apply. You will find the screen reappear with the new settings. Click Yes if you want to keep the new settings and restart the computer.

Are you getting a blank screen and there is no video? Don’t panic. You can fix it. If this occurs on your laptop screen, you need to adjust the brightness. To adjust the LCD brightness, just hold the FN Key and press the Up Arrow repeatedly to increase the brightness. You can also repeatedly press the Down arrow to decrease the brightness. Sometimes, the LCD does not display because the laptop may not getting power or not turning on properly.

Are the icons, font or screen is fuzzy, or blurry? Or is it having color problems? You can perform the LCD BIST or Built-in Self Test to check your LCD for any abnormalities. Let’s take a look at how to do it. Turn off the Computer and hold down the FN Key on the keyboard and press the power button, then Release both buttons. It will start your PSA Diagnostics. Two color bar screens will appear in succession, and on the second color bar screen a message will be displayed asking whether you see the color bars. Press the N key for No to start the LCD BIST. Now the LCD BIST will run several full colored screens in succession with a beeping sound. You need to check for any lines, distortions, or abnormalities. Whenever the Diagnostics are over an error message will appear. You need to press the N Key to end the Diagnostics or else you can press the Y Key to continue the PSA Diagnostics.

In many cases, an out of date Video Driver or BIOS might be the reason of abnormal screen issues. To find it, you need to visit the Dell Drivers and Downloads website and install updates specific to your system. Hope this will resolve the issues with the display of your Dell computer.

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