Virus Protection For PC – How to Select the Best Virus Protection For PC Users

Virus Protection For PC – How to Select the Best Virus Protection For PC Users

Do you need the best virus protection for PC? Viruses are one of he greatest threats facing PC users around the world. They are used to steal your private information, destroy your computer, and use your PC as a launching board to spread more attacks. Deciding on the best computer virus protection is paramount to protect your computer and identity. But what exactly should one be looking for when deciding on virus protection for PC?

Large Threat Database

Antivirus software is only as good as its threat database. Many people have this misconception about virus protection. They can only detect and remove a virus that has been added to the database and updated through the software. Frequent updates are an extremely important feature of the best antivirus software. The program should be able to detect and remove the latest threats like:

XP Antivirus

Antivirus 2009





A lot of antivirus programs can not detect these viruses. They hide out in hard to reach areas like the registry, DLL, and startup commands. A lot of people ask me the same thing. They say, “Why do I have all of these viruses when I scanned my computer with Ad-Aware and Spybot and they say my computer is clean?!?” Well those two programs cannot remove the viruses listed above. But I have used a program below that can.

Real Time Protection

Detection and removal is only half the battle. The key word in the phrase “virus protection for PC” is PROTECTION. The best antivirus software will prevent these viruses from attacking your computer in the first place! Real time protection is extremely important to keeping your computer protected.

Best Virus Protection for PC

I personally use virus protection software that has a larger threat database than any program in the world. This means it can remove all the latest and most dangerous threats and is constantly being updated. It also provides real time protection to fight off future attacks. Scan your computer for free below and try it out for yourself!

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