7 Second-Chance Cyber Monday Deals at Their Lowest Prices Ever

7 Second-Chance Cyber Monday Deals at Their Lowest Prices Ever

Cyber Monday is over, which means we’re at the end of the year’s biggest sales week. But some deals are still on the table the day after Cyber Monday. There have been some amazing deals, including some of the best we’ve ever seen. There have even been quite a few products being sold at all-time low prices. We’ve collected seven awesome electronics that are all currently at their lowest prices ever. It’s unlikely they’ll go any lower by the end of today, so if you want to snag some awesome gadgets, grab these before the post-Cyber Monday deals end.

Read on for a list of products on sale that we recommend, all of which make great holiday gifts, and all of which are at their current lowest prices of all time. There are deals on discounted products from huge brands, including Apple, Nintendo, Amazon and Google.

For more after Cyber Monday deal-finding, check out our favorite deals at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Target. We’ve also rounded up the best post-Cyber Monday deals under $25 and a selection of deals that are so good they’ve probably sold out. If all those deals leave your head spinning, check out our Cyber Monday cheat sheet for some practical tips on how to get the most out of your Cyber Monday shopping experience.


This smart accessory can be added to nearly any garage door made after 1993 and connects to your phone for easy control of the door from anywhere. It’s down to its best price, so be sure to grab one for yourself and even some family members, they’ll be sure to thank you for something that’s so useful.

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Nintendo rarely offers discounts on the Switch, so this seasonal bundle with Mario Kart 8 is about as good as it gets. At $299, it’s the same price as the console normally costs, but also includes a digital copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (a great game) and a three-month subscription to Nintendo Online. 

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The second-gen Apple AirPods Pro are down to $200 right now at several retailers, but we’d be surprised if this deal lasts all the way until Friday. These were just released in September and have received glowing reviews since. Grab a pair today, before you’re stuck paying more later.

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Every time Amazon has offered a bundle like this in the past, it’s sold out before the end of the sale period. With this being Amazon’s newest Echo Dot, there has been a lot of interest in this huge discount, though so far it’s hanging in there.


This audio player for kids as young as 3 comes with figurines (called Tonies) they can place on top to hear a bedtime story or a song. The Toniebox starter set has never been priced this low before.

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Google’s Pixel 6A punches above its weight when it comes to camera quality, design and screen size. It’s the best under-$500 Android phone you can get, and though it’s not Google’s flagship, the 6A is all most people need in a phone.

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Air fryers are still taking kitchens by storm, and this one is an especially great option: Bella’s Pro Series 8-quart features two frying baskets (so you can accomplish twice as much in half the time), with six built-in smart cooking functions, including air fry, broil, roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate.

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