A Shortage of Computer Experts – Help Needed!


It’s certainly true that the world is facing tough economic times. But in the field of computers and technology the line-up of occupations offering high paying salaries is simply astounding. And one area in particular, known as computer forensics, faces a serious shortage of experts.

So why should you consider a career in this exciting profession? With the FBI’s reported increase in crimes, the demand for computer forensics pros is overwhelming. These professionals are needed to investigate crimes that include abuses of the Internet by employees, industrial espionage, hacking, fraud, deception, terrorism, drug dealing and violence among many. In 2009 for instance, the FBI warned the public of scams that target charitable contributors during times of natural disasters.

Computer forensic professionals are sought by law enforcement agencies such as the CIA, the Department of Defense, NSA, FBI, Interpol and big corporations to name but a few. Their job entails retrieving vital information from computers as well as recreating events that would lead to securing convictions. After all, computers can be the target of a crime such as in the theft of social security benefits; they can be the instrument of a crime like in the theft of government secrets; or the evidence of a violent crime as seen in cases of child pornography.

Many nations around the globe deal with day to day threats in national security. This has opened the market for individuals who specialize in cyber technology. Stopping hackers and Internet terrorism has become a priority.

The field can be fun, rewarding and certainly never tedious. A forensics technician will copy the hard drive and retrieve all of the files. This of course will include the files that were lost or intentionally deleted. He or she will analyze the protected folders and the hidden areas of the drive. The expert will conduct an in-depth investigation of the data, will study the user’s activities and henceforth, write a detailed report.

To better understand the usefulness of this field let’s look at the case of Joseph E. Duncan. Data retrieved from his home computer which included a list of contacts taken with a business card scanner led to his apprehension; the information found on a spread sheet led to his conviction and the death penalty.

So if you’re looking for a career that’s lucrative, exciting and certainly pivotal to society don’t hesitate. Computer forensics’ experts will never lack for jobs.

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