Best Spyware Removal Software of 2009


Having viruses or spyware on your computer is similar to having rocks in your pool, they are likely to block the filtration system and prevent the motor from operating correctly.

Therefore, in order to keep your PC spyware free and running correctly, you need to try the best virus and spyware blocker of 2009. That is if you do not already have a blocker program installed.

“According to PC Magazine and PC World most of the best spyware of 2009 will either be free or be a very low cost to the user. Paid versions of protection software are geared more toward users that visit x-rated websites on a daily basis, or have a habit or clicking fake ads.”

PC security analysts believe that virus, spyware, and phishing are huge problems for a lot of consumers that use the Internet regularly. In fact, when your PC has a lot of spyware applications installed on it, many pc experts agree that it is just as much of a problem as a bad virus. This is only because a computer loaded down with spyware programs in the memory will not run correctly and will continually crash from being over-worked and stressed.

The best spyware of 2009 according to PC Magazine and PC World are Spyware Doctor, which retails at about $49, Adware (see Use Software), which retails at only $19-39, Windows Defender 1.1, Malware Bytes Free anti-malware, Lavasoft Ad-aware 2008, Spybot Search & Destroy.

While free adware removal programs do a good job at protecting your pc they are not as advanced in their scanning methods as commercial software, and can miss many threats. In addition to not stopping all threats, free adware programs only act as a blocker of viruses and spyware but do not remove any existing spyware on your computer. So all in all the best spyware software is often one that you purchase because it can detect, remove and block spyware to keep your pc spyware free at all times.

But on the flip side if you are not able to afford a commercial spyware program, it is still best to download a freeware version, as it will still give you and the pc some form of protection.

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