Cisco CCNP Certification Education: What’s New On The BSCI 642-901 Test


CCNP certification is receiving a new glimpse at the close of 2006. The BSCI and BCMSN exams are becoming up to date, and the CIT and BCRAN examinations are staying retired. Let us consider a glimpse at what to be expecting from the new BSCI exam.

In accordance to Cisco’s exam blueprint – admittedly a really broad blueprint at this time – the important new subjects are IP model 6 (IPv6) and multicasting. The addition of these two subjects will make an presently demanding Cisco certification exam that significantly more durable, but this is a fantastic modify for the exam and for the applicant. IPv6 is just going to turn out to be extra and extra common in present-day networks, and multicasting is as effectively.

Multicasting for the Cisco CCNP BSCI test is going to go far beyond what you acquired about it in your CCNA reports. For the new BSCI examination, you can need to know the different solutions of making multicast teams as effectively as assigning users to them. This materials was beforehand confined to CCIE-level books, and although I do not search for the issues to be as tough as the CCIE composed exam, multicasting is not an easy topic and need to not be taken lightly by the CCNP prospect in 2007.

A single major CCNP examination subject that is just not heading any place is BGP. The Border Gateway Protocol has been a major section of prior BSCI tests, and that looks to continue.

If you’re pursuing your CCNP certification in 2007, be confident to observe Cisco’s website for additions to the CCNP blueprint. It can be apparent that Cisco has raised the bar for CCNP certification, and earning this crucial Cisco certification will in change raise your market price and networking information like never in advance of. View for upcoming tutorials inspecting the other a few new CCNP tests!

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