Edirol PCR 300 Review – Well Built and Optimized For Live Performance


PCR 300 is an advanced model to the old series. It has various new features associated with it along with the features of the old PCR keyboard.

This PCR 300 keyboard is a MIDI keyboard controller of EDIROL. The PCR 300 is a 32 key controller. This model is velocity-sensitive with after touch, and sport fifty fully assignable controls. This PCR 300 is well built and optimized for live performance and music production etc.


50 x Assignable Controllers

It provides exciting new features along with the old features of the PCR series. The new controls that are included in this PCR 300 allow players to maximize the playability and operability of their MIDI hardware and software.

Velocity Pads

These velocity pads are perfect for triggering sample phrases. The precision pads can operate as buttons or as velocity pads.

Long Throw Sliders

This is an advanced feature in this PCR 300. It functions as organ drawbars or can control eight-track fader and one master fader.

High Quality keyboards with After Touch

A wider range is provided under the player’s fingers tips by ultra sensitive keyboards. The after touch sensors allow the player to play more easily. Keys shaped for comfortable glissando playing, stable key mounting etc provide Improves playability to these keyboards.

Intelligent “Dynamic Mapping” and Editor Software

Dynamic Mapping is an important feature of PCR which automatically assigns the controls to the parameters. If the software that is not compatible with Dynamic Mapping is used the Control Map settings can be controlled manually from the PCR itself or by the included PCR editor software. Favorite setups can be stored in the fifteen user memory.

Side Panel Connections for Streamlined Routing

The rare panel of the keyboard is free; so that we can easily connect computer display, mouse etc. The PCR 300 works with the USB bus power and AC adapter is not required for this. A MIDI merge capability from MIDI input to either the MIDI output is also provided. It is convenient to the sophisticated MIDI systems.

Cross fader

The cross fader can also be used as DAW software for zooming screen views and also for synthesizer filters and DJ gestures.

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