The ditone is a 2-notice tone with a tone(or 3 semitones in-in between). For instance [C E]. You would almost usually perform the ditone with your remaining hand and few it with a suspended chord on your appropriate hand. Allow me display you and exapmple C E/Bb Eb Ab. The ditone is incredibly simple to perform as you could just immediate substitute them for your chords. You can do this easily since the ditone that you play on your still left hand is specifically relevant to the root of the chord.

For instance in taking part in the ditone for chord 1 on C you would perform- C E/A D G. For chord 3 on crucial C you would enjoy- E Ab/D G C and for chord 6 you would participate in A C#/G D F.

As a keyboardist you can produce remarkable sounds by actively playing the tritone up or down, chromatically.

Methods in which you use the ditone

  • As Passing Tone
  • Root of the chord
  • Chord Substitutions
  • You would use it as a passing tone when you play the illustration I gave above(apart from for chord 1).
  • Passing tone: The ditone can be applied to perform passing tones. For case in point, in this article is a excellent ditone substitution you can use as passing tone to chord 6 (on critical C).
  • E Ab/D G C, F# Bb/E A D, Ab C/ F# B E, A E/G B D E
  • Root of the chord: You can very easily substitute the ditone for the root of your chords. It adds a great deal of flavour to your enjoying. Case in point of ditone substitutions for 1 chords.
  • C- C E/A D G
  • F- F A/D A C
  • Chord Substitutions: You can use the ditone in spot of the standard chords you participate in to add flavour to your participating in as a keyboardist. In this article is a demonstration employing a 1 – 3 – 4 – 1# – 2 – 3 – 6
  • C E/A D G, E G C/D G C, F A/D G C, C# F/B E A, D A/C E F A, E Ab/D G C, A E/E G B D

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