How to Remove Antimalware Doctor – Uninstall the Fake Spyware Easily


Antimalware Doctor is yet more fake software that is designed to spook you into purchasing a “full license” after loads of pop-ups, taskbar warnings, and system scans. What the program does is deposit harmless files into your system, and then urge you to pay for a full removal of these said files. This spyware also will slow you down, and will make you more likely to become infected with more, dangerous viruses and spyware. Considering identity theft can occur when spyware harbors on your computer, we have to get rid of this threat immediately.

Users are normally infected with this virus after downloading files from a sharing network or from watching online videos that require downloads. While you think you are downloading a harmless codec, a dangerous Trojan is being implanted into your system. Like I said before, these Trojans make future problems more likely, and so we have to remove all traces and get our computer clean and new again.

So, how do we remove Antimalware Doctor?

There are two methods. The manual method is only recommended for IT professionals and PC experts, because it involves going into your system’s registry in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folders and deleting system files in your System32 folder that are associated with Antimalware Doctor. One small error can turn your PC into a paperweight, so please, you are urged not to fool around with your registry unless you consider yourself an expert.

The automatic removal method is recommended for beginners and advanced users alike. I use it myself because it’s fast, it’s simple, and it protects the user’s PC against future threats. You can find free scans to see exactly what’s going on and where the bugs are hiding.

Are you sick and tired of gambling with your security and safety? Remove Antimalware Doctor today, quickly and easily.

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