Keyboard Engraving vs Keyboard Language Stickers


If you’re bilingual, like me, and work on your PC, Mac, or laptop with more than one language, you’re probably frustrated with having a single language keyboard. I mean, you can easily download another language to your computer, but if you don’t know where the letters of the new language reside on your keyboard, you’re practically lost.

This feeling of loss is especially true if your language is Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, or Chinese, which has characters which are wildly different than those of English.

Up until recently, the popular solution for this problem would have been to use keyboard language stickers, whether Arabic, Russian, or Hebrew stickers, whichever language you’re using. The basic thing was to buy letter stickers, place each on the right key (so that when hitting each key, your computer will show the right letter), and start working. The main problems with these stickers are these:

  • Keyboard stickers tend to fall apart after a while, leaving a mess on the keyboard
  • It’s hard to get these stickers straight on the keyboard
  • You need to replace all these language stickers once in a while
  • It makes your keyboard look ugly and unprofessional
  • Overall, keyboard language stickers have multiple disadvantages.

Recently, a new solution came out: keyboard language engraving. Keyboard engraving is a process in which an additional language letters are engraved into your keyboard in a similar way as the original English letters were engraved at the computer factory. Keyboard engraving has some main advantages:

  • Keyboard engraving is a permanent solution which requires no work on your part
  • The letters never wear off
  • It looks as if the letters came with the original keyboard
  • The best thing with keyboard engraving is that it’s a quick and fast process. It’s much faster to have your keyboard engraved than placing stickers on yourself

The main thing I like about my engraved keyboard is that it looks totally professional. I didn’t spend all this money on a cool laptop just to ruin how it looks with keyboard stickers. I even get asked admiring questions about my keyboard which is also nice. I highly recommend keyboard engraving for anyone who works with 2 or more languages.

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