Media Addiction Quiz for Teenagers: Do Tv set, Online video Video games and Computer systems Operate Your Lifestyle?


Welcome to “The Media Technology”

Teens are expending so substantially time looking at Television set and participating in with their pc and video video games that the Kaiser Loved ones Basis has dubbed this era “The Media Technology.”

The latest study uncovered that little ones aged 8-18 were looking at Television, participating in online video games, on their computer systems, and listening to tunes for a whole of 6 several hours and 23 minutes Each individual Day! Quite a few children had been undertaking two or additional things to do at as soon as. Most of this time is continue to used watching Television set. Kids expended pretty much four several hours each individual working day observing Tv set. With so substantially time in front of Tv set and other media, probably Kaiser need to have labeled it “The Media-Addicted Era.”

What extra Tv set, online video sport, and computer system use might be doing to you

How considerably time you commit in entrance of a Tv, online video, and personal computer screen is vital, because these pursuits have been joined to weight problems, focus issues (like ADHD), and very poor grades. Violent content might situation you to accept violence in your lifestyle. The sexual information of several well-liked exhibits and video games could inspire you to experiment just before you are completely ready. The Tv set can act as a depressant, stifle your creative imagination, inspire conformity, and just waste your valuable time.

Locate out if you are component of “The Media-Addicted Era”:

1. Does your spouse and children have extra than one Tv established? Yes [] No []

2. Are you in front of a display for more than 2 hours for each day?Yes [] No []

3. Do you sometimes have difficulty obtaining Tv set or movie match

jingles “out of your head”? Certainly [] No []

4. Is there a Tv/movie game/computer system playing in your

residence much or all of the time? Indeed [] No []

5. Do you have a Tv set, video activity, and/or personal computer in your

bed room? Sure [] No []

6. Is it uncomplicated for you to convert off the Tv/video clip activity in the

center of a preferred display/sport? Sure [] No []

7. Do you at any time hurry property, ditching good friends and family, to

catch a beloved Tv set display, engage in video clip video games, or go on the

laptop? Yes [] No []

8. Do you commonly try to eat foods although in entrance of the Television,

movie video games, or laptop? Yes [] No []

9. Have you ever caught yourself unintentionally mimicking

a Television set or video recreation character? Indeed [] No []

10. Do you speak to and play with your good friends more than you

enjoy Television, play video games, and enjoy with desktops? Of course [] No []

11. Can you transform off the Television set, pc, and online video game titles OFF

ideal now and go away them off for three days? Certainly [] No []

12. Do you at any time mindlessly surf by way of Tv channels or

the world wide web? Certainly [] No []

13. Do you will need Television set, video recreation, or a personal computer to relax right after

a tough day? Certainly [] No []

14. Do you experience edgy, nervous, or “not proper” if there is no Television set,

movie video game, or a pc enjoying? Sure [] No []

15. Do you look at Television set, enjoy movie game titles, and/or engage in on the

pc extra than commit time with your spouse and children? Indeed [] No []

16. Do you ever look at the Tv set, play online video online games, or surf

the online for a longer time than you intend to? Indeed [] No []

17. Do you truly feel shell out way too significantly time with Tv set, online video games,

or laptop or computer? Sure [] No []

18. Have you missed a special event with buddies or relatives

since you were being watching a Television method? Yes [] No []

19. Have you at any time attempted to give up seeing Tv set, participating in online video

online games, or likely on computer, but have been unsuccessful? Of course [] No []

20. Do you have problems restricting the time you look at Tv,

participate in video clip game titles, or go on the laptop? Certainly [] No []

*Be aware: Time invested on the laptop or computer for research reasons does not rely:

To work out your rating:

For all questions, other than for #6, #10, and #11, give by yourself 1 position for each “Certainly” answer and points for just about every “No”. For thoughts #6, #10, and #11 give your self details for just about every “Indeed”, respond to and 1 issue for each “No”. Add your complete.

Your total: ____________


-6: Fantastic! Your Television set, laptop or computer, and movie video games are not in control of your existence. You are. But hold an eye on how a great deal time you commit with these routines to make sure an dependancy does not sneak up on you.

7-14: You are reasonably addicted to your Television set, video online games, or laptop. Possibly all of them. The good news is that with a very little energy, a listing of fun non-screen things to do, and a affordable agenda you really should be able to preserve your habit less than management. “The Tv set-Free of charge Procedure” also will help you generate a agenda that retains you chaotic with fun, target-centered pursuits. Comply with your dreams instead of staring at a display..

15-20: Oh pricey. You in all probability have a significant habit dilemma. You could require to choose extraordinary actions, such as having rid of your Television or online video game titles, to get in control of your time. Get started with the device which squanders the most of your time. The superior information is “The Television-Absolutely free System” was built to support even the most serious addict, and can be made use of for video clip activity, or pc habit as nicely.

Existence is far too shorter to “check out” it go by.

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