Shared Library Error – LINUX Data Recovery Solution


The system library is a collection of programs, subroutines or executables, which can be used by other independent programs. While working in a Linux system, sometimes you fail to start applications or even face problems in accessing the files associated with some applications following error messages related to various library functions. Such issues occur due to the corruption, damage or deletion of library files, which are necessary for the applications to run. In order to resolve these issues, you need to replace the damaged library files with the good ones and may encounter data loss thereof. Such instances of data loss can only be dealt with any powerful LINUX data recovery software.

The error message that you encountered, in case of a damaged library file can be read as below:

“Program name: error in loading shared libraries: lib xxx…so. X: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.”

Once, you encounter the above error, the corresponding application terminates or hangs in the middle and can not be run further.

The prime cause behind the above problem is the corruption or damage of the library files, which happens because of the operating system malfunction, virus/malware infection, unexpected system shut-down etc. However, sometimes, the above problem may have occurred due to the missing or corruption of the system files.


Try updating the system libraries, and check whether that solves the issues.

If with the above process, you can not be able to resolve the issue, you need to reinstall the operating system in order to replace the damaged or missing system files.

If you do have a single Linux partition, with the re-installation of the operating system all your data from the drive will be lost and you need to restore them from a valid backup, failing to which, you have to take the help of a Linux recovery utility to recover back your formatted data.

Linux Data Recovery applications are safe, reliable and powerful utilities to find out all your lost, deleted or formatted data from the Linux hard drive and restore them back. The recovery steps with these software can be understood by all as they come with detailed instructions for each step.

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