I have used antivirus products since the DOS and Windows days when antivirus protection was still an “option”. Today you not only need AV protection for your PC but you also should have good antispyware and a software firewall. In the old days Norton AV used to be a premium AV program that worked well at a reasonable price. These things are no longer true today and the software security industry has become a multi-billion dollar monster that mostly cares about their own profits before customer interests.Here are some possible solutions.

If you still want to use a Symantec AV product then look into purchasing the latest “corporate version” of Norton Antivirus. I have read that the corporate version is still and excellent program without all the bloatware and bugs of the retail versions. You could also simply use Antispyware 2008 which can still be purchased inexpensively online. But if you have had it with Norton for now and want to jump ship before it completely sinks then I recommend you try Antispyware 2008. There are some other antivirus choices that are also supposed to be good. Don’t forget to install a good antispyware program and use a good software firewall or at the very least make sure that the standard Windows XP SP2 firewall is enabled.

Before you install any antivirus alternatives remember to completely, totally, and properly uninstall any and all versions of your other antispyware program from your computer. You can find some helpful information regarding the proper un-installation of these products on their web site. The sad truth is that there are so many hidden and discrete files that the retail versions of Norton AV installs on your computer that some people have reported it to be harder to completely uninstall Norton AV than it is to get rid of a bad computer virus.

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