What to Look For in a Used Cisco Vendor


With a used Cisco vendor, you should get Cisco switches, routers and other networking equipment at up to 90% off the retail price. The equipment should be backed by a top guarantee that is as good as or better than for brand new Cisco equipment. For example, the typical level of warranty to look for should be a 3-year warranty with advance equipment replacement services for the first year. With a strong warranty like this, you will have extended coverage, the unrivaled performance of fully-refurbished network hardware, and of course, peace of mind with regards to your investment.

Best Practices for Used Cisco Buyers

You want to save on your I.T. expenditures, and you figure that acquiring refurbished Cisco equipment could be a viable option. But you are a newbie; you have never procured used Cisco before, and it is difficult to ascertain what characteristics are important in a seller. You are concerned that you might be taken advantage of… someone could unload a useless, poor-performing lemon that ends up costing the company money. Perhaps you are thinking about buying on an online auction which could carry high risk and no guarantee that you’re going to get what you paid for or that the equipment is actually what is advertised. These are all very logical fears. However, with thorough up-front investigation and attentiveness, it is likely that you will find a trustworthy vendor who can give you advice on how to stretch your budget as far as it can go. Following are some critical items to consider when searching for a seller to supply superior used Cisco hardware for your network infrastructure:

Is the refurbished Cisco hardware covered with a comprehensive warranty?

If a seller is not willing (or able) to guarantee the used Cisco equipment with a pledge, that should be a red flag that it may not perform as promised. You should always seek out a dealer that provides a warranty for several years; this will help to ensure that the equipment has been restored to like-new condition. An important aspect of the warranty should be an advance replacement clause so that you can receive replacement equipment, if necessary, as quickly as possible. A retailer that is ready to support your purchase an extended warranty is confident that they are supplying quality used Cisco networking gear.

Does the equipment dealer have a hardware replacement program available?

An honest and dependable merchant should have enough confidence in the thoroughness of the hardware renovation to provide a replacement program for the Cisco equipment. As a purchaser, you ought to have the assurance that a replacement program gives you, if you feel inclined to opt for it. If the seller does not have any sort of replacement program, it could be a sign that the firm really does not have faith in the value of the used Cisco equipment. They may consider a hardware replacement program as a losing venture with too much risk for the company.

Used Cisco at a price too good to believe?

The odds are that, if the price seems too low compared to the market, it probably is not even worth the asking price. A dealer that sets a price so low that it seems like an unbelievable bargain, they may be unloading inferior equipment or possibly selling gray market or even imitation gear. Cisco products are counterfeited very frequently. Vendors who sell used Cisco must pay extra for authentic Cisco equipment, so the lowest price should concern you – especially if the price is TOO low. The lowest price is not always a bargain; the quality and performance of the equipment is more important.

Is the vendor’s quality control evaluated and certified by a neutral third-party?

Any renovation of high-performance electronic equipment, like any other detailed technical procedure, should have quality control measures in place. The process should be protected and assured by an inspection and quality management system that guarantees redundant processes, accuracy and dependability all along the way. Ask a dealer if their refurbishing procedures are certified by a third-party source like ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Quality assurance, calibration of testing equipment and redundancy in each step of the process greatly increases the chances of getting a top-notch product at the end. Check to see whether the equipment merchant has an ISO-certified quality control process. Any company can claim that their processes and procedures are sound and their testing is rigorous, but ISO-certified quality control ensures that it has been validated by a recognized organization.

Does the vendor use methods and materials to prevent electrostatic discharge?

This may seem like a minor point at first glance, but this little thing can ruin a piece of equipment in the flash of a spark. Even air moving across a surface can create static electricity. ESD (Electro-static Discharge) is the voltage generated when two surfaces come in contact and then move apart, causing a spark that can range from several hundred to several thousand volts. It happens all the time, and even a small discharge of such voltage can destroy the precision components within high-tech networking equipment. It is crucial to ask your equipment dealer what things do they have in place to make sure the refurbishment, storage and shipment of the used Cisco hardware all takes place within an ESD-shielded environment.

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