Yamaha YPT-320 Review – A Keyboard With Lots of Versatility and Great Features


While there are many that enjoy playing the piano, they just don’t have the space for a piano in their home. However, with portable keyboards this problem is easily fixed. The only problem one faces is finding the right keyboard. In this Yamaha YPT-320 review, you’ll find out exactly what makes this keyboard an excellent buy.

Variety of Sounds and Voices: One of the best features you’ll read about in the Yamaha YPT-320 is that this keyboard gives owners the ability to play with 482 different instrument voices and over 100 different accompaniment styles. This definitely gives you a lot of options for what you do with your keyboard. Whether you want to enjoy the soothing timbres of a grand piano or if you want to be accompanied by drums and other instruments as you play, this baby does it all!

Lesson Features: Many owners of this particular keyboard don’t mention the lesson features of this instrument, but it is a feature that needs to be spotlighted because it’s a great tool for beginners. There are three different lesson functions. These are “Keys for Success,” “Listening, Timing, Waiting,” and “Phrase Repeat.” With Keys for Success you will be able to master a specific song by practicing phrases individually and receiving a score for how well you play. The Listening, Timing, Writing functions teaches you how to learn correct timing and the Phrase Repeat function gives you the ability to repeat different phrases in the song for better practice.

Recording: Another great feature that I feel deserves to be mentioned is the 2-track easy recording feature. This allows you to record and save up to 5 of your own songs. This is great for two reasons, first it can help you practice a specific song and play it back so you can hear your mistakes. Secondly, you can compose your own songs with this feature. Both of these are great for those that enjoy playing piano.

Instant Mobility: Finally, I’ll end this Yamaha YPT-320 review with the convenience of having instant mobility. While having a full size, traditional piano is nice, it is also inconvenient because you can’t play it everywhere you go. While all keyboards can be mobile, this one is pretty lightweight, which makes it easier to carry than others. There are also hookups for headphones, which means you can take it wherever you want and practice without disturbing others.

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